Beginning a collaboration with a realtor-based IT solution company ensures a special, impactful approach. Our flexible engagement model allows exact customization for your project needs successfully.
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At Estate Brando, our engagement model is a seamless reflection of our commitment to excellence across a spectrum of services. Whether you are seeking stellar website development, cutting-edge app creation, strategic digital marketing, advanced AI solutions, lead generation expertise, or impactful branding strategies, our engagement model is designed to cater to your unique needs. We prioritize flexibility, ensuring that our approach aligns with your specific objectives and preferences. We have ingrained transparency in our processes, allowing you to stay informed at every step.
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Choosing Estate Brando means embracing a future powered by technology to transform their experience. Our perspective redefines innovation to form the foundation of our distinctive approach.


Our Flexible IT services unlock our realtor’s potential. Our clients like the enhanced work productivity.


We empower realtors with transparency in our services for a streamlined workflow.


With a commitment to excellence, we produce streamlined operations and close deals faster with efficiency.


We thrive through adaptability with our services tailored for realtors ensuring productivity.

Engagement Models

Estate Brando Project Engagement Models

Estate Brando offers diverse project engagement models tailored to your needs. From flexible pricing to collaborative partnerships, our models ensure project success with satisfaction.

In Fixed Price Model, The Project Scope And The Deliverable Specifications Are Clearly Defined.

In our fixed cost model, a known fixed price will be agreed upon after a consultation. As a result, the allocated resources and timeline for such projects are known. We define and agree on the project budget right from the beginning of our collaboration. An elaborate test plan is created based on the information we receive. A project plan is crafted at the start of our collaboration. The Fixed cost model protects clients from the risk of unanticipated costs resulting from unanticipated events. We handle all project management for clients from the beginning till the completion so that client does not have to worry about the small and intricate details involved in the process.

This Model Involves Continuous Work And Ongoing Payment. Clients Will Have More Input In This.

Time and material is a model of engagement where the client pays only for time and resources used on the project. It supports agile development. Its high level of flexibility covers unanticipated overages or compensates for unforeseen changes. The clients like it because they pay exactly what they get, and nothing more. This method analyzes the most features in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). As part of the development process in the T&M model, it is important to maintain a steady pace and follow a well-organized workflow to move the project forward while focusing on details along the way.

A Dedicated Team Model Is Used When A Project Lifecycle Must Be Managed By A Dedicated Team.

A dedicated team model can be used when there is an agreed-upon agreement between an organization and a client when the latter provides software developers for the client. The specialists are selected according to the requirements of the client based on their experience and skillset. Clients should hire a dedicated team when they have a large project, several projects, or tasks; when they lack insight into future project deliverables; and when they expect many requirements will be revealed during the discovery phase and then in the Research and Development phase.

Turn Your Idea Into A Product

If you have a vision in mind, we possess the expertise to transform it into a reality. Share your details with us to initiate contact. Click the link below for a project estimation and gain insights into the timeline for completing your project. Let’s collaborate, turning your ideas into a live project. Provide your information to connect with us and explore the possibilities.
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Reasons to Embrace Your Working Experience with Us.

Discover the compelling aspects that make working with us an enriching and rewarding experience. Our collaborative cultures develop valuable working experiences for every team member.
Discover the compelling aspects that make working with us an enriching and rewarding experience. Our collaborative cultures develop valuable working experiences for every team member.


Our commitment lies in delivering cutting-edge software, seamless integration, and exceptional support to help you streamline your workflow, enhance customer experiences, and maximize your business’s potential. We honor our promises to our clients and make reliable decisions. We commit to people-centered solutions.


We deliver exceptional solutions and services by prioritizing quality for the best customer satisfaction. We ensure robustness, relatability, and efficiency for the successful delivery of projects and maintaining quality meanwhile. Our unmatched commitment to excellence in providing high-quality services sets us apart in the industry.


We convey our ventures with the foremost proficient approach, which speaks to our rule of astuteness. This makes a difference in keeping up a genuine and straightforward relationship based on judgment as our central concept. We value common regard over all else to guarantee the straightforwardness of our work.

User Experience

We provide an enhanced user experience in the interaction with the system, thus influencing the customer’s perception and ease of use. Making good things clear to clients is important. We value a reliable user experience as we build a stronger connection between the company and the client than ever.


Estate Brando works closely with our clients to realize their business objectives and integrate our expertise into their projects to achieve success by fostering collaboration. We have a good reputation both within the community and among our most respected clients, which has contributed to our longevity and business success.


As Estate Brando we collaborate closely with clients to achieve their business goals. We ensure project outcomes have better customer satisfaction and increased productivity. Our strong reputation within our client community has fueled our enduring success, sustained by our unwavering professional approach.